FRONTS Т561 Natural oak  wood

FRONTS COLOR 143 / NCS S 3500-N / NCS S 7010-R50B

GLASS FRONTS Mullion glass front #8 / 3 (fluted glass 4 mm), mullion glass front #11

DECORATIVE FRONTS Front with lattice insert#1G (2 × 2)

HANDLES / KNOBS 784-T2 (160 mm hole spacing), 784-T2

WORKTOP 38 mm, HPL, color Valmasino Marble Light Grey

WORKTOP EDGE ABS Valmasino Marble Light Grey

SPLASHBACK 7 mm, HPL, color Valmasino Marble Light Grey (height 300 mm)

PLINTH Straight, chipboard / ash wood veneer, color 143 / NCS S 3500-N / NCS S 7010-R50B, height 97 mm

ACCESSORIES Aluminum ventilation grill (60 × 484 mm)

DECORATIVE ELEMENTS Decorative support OD-12 (820), color 143; pilaster #14, color 143 / NCS S 7010-R50B; crown moulding B-3 straight, color NCS S 3500-N; decorative cover NV «Orleans» (900) for built-in range hood, color 143 / NCS S 3500-N; corbel shelf LGP-1 (450, 600, 900), color #189 wax stain White; decorative trim NM-1 (width 896 mm), color 143


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