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The offer for companies is addressed to all subcontractors, i.e. architects or interior designers. We are open to cooperation with architectural studios - we provide them with favorable conditions and guarantee timely implementation of furniture. We make high-quality products based on the designs provided to us.

In addition, we can boast of cooperation with many business clients from industries such as hospitality and gastronomy. Our furniture is perfect for restaurants, hotels and even office buildings - our designers have reliable knowledge about interior design as well as materials used for furniture production.


Offer for developers

We provide comprehensive assistance to developers in the implementation of furniture development for apartments and houses. We are happy to cooperate in this area, guaranteeing the execution of the order within the set time while maintaining high quality standards. Over the years, we've served many developers, so we can boast of extensive experience in designing and manufacturing furniture for emerging buildings.


Offer for architects and designers

We establish cooperation with architectural studios that deal with interior design for private rooms and public facilities. Based on the project you created, we will deal with the professional production of furniture. We guarantee very favorable terms of cooperation, both one-off and permanent. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.


Offer for dealers

Our offer is also directed to dealers. Great quality furniture can be made by ZOV thanks to contacts with proven suppliers of wood, glass and metal elements. In this way, we can provide customers with access to many models of furniture, and tailor the offer to their individual needs.


Offer for hotels

The interior design of the hotel is to encourage you to stay in it, so it must be cozy and give the impression of a professional place ready for the visit of guests. Our offer for hotels consists of furniture tailored to the nature of your place and the space that you have. Our designers are perfectly familiar with the latest trends, thanks to which they will make your hotel an attractive place for every consumer - furniture from ZOV will be perfect.


Offer for restaurants

The restaurant's success largely depends on its decor. Therefore, we have to offer a wide range of furniture for gastronomic premises - chairs, tables and counters in individually selected colors encourage to stay in the restaurant and eat meals. By using our furniture offer, you can be sure that your business will function perfectly. In addition, we guarantee high quality at a very attractive price.


Offer for offices

Professional office arrangement is possible thanks to company ZOV - if you are looking for an experienced furniture manufacturer who can boast of many completed projects, our offer is perfect for you. Long conference tables, comfortable desks and chairs, as well as furniture allowing for simple and convenient storage of documents, i.e. all cabinets and display cases - this is only a fraction of our offer for offices.


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